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Kirkland Streets and Sidewalks – Lawn Debris Issues

REMINDER: We have had various complaints the past month relative to grass clippings left on Village Right-of-Ways (Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks).
Please note that it is actually State Law that mandates no ‘littering’ of Public Right-of-Ways, including grass clippings and yard debris, on municipality right-of-ways. This is actually known as the Litter Control Act [ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY (415 ILCS 105/) Litter Control Act].
Please ensure that the roadways and sidewalks adjoining your property are properly cleaned of such debris after mowing your lawn. Failure to comply could result in a citation from the police. This measure is to ensure the safety of our motorists and residents on the roadways and sidewalks. (Two minors have already had accidents from losing control of their bikes on the road or sidewalk due to grass clippings).
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