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Thanks from the Village of Kirkland

I would like to take a couple of minutes to show my gratitude to a couple groups of people – Kirkland Public Works Department and the residents of Kirkland!

First, for the Kirkland Public Works Department… they worked countless hours last Wednesday evening through Monday morning due to the rain that fell in town this past week. The Public Works Department worked non-stop during that timeframe to ensure pumps were gassed, the sewer plant and septic ponds did not breach their walls, mitigating water flow through manholes to relieve pressure on areas that couldn’t keep up, etc. Dale Miller, Chris DeMunn, Joe Caveny and Christian Ruhl all did a fantastic job at maintaining the Water and Sewer plant and making every attempt to minimize issues to our residents! Please take a moment when you see them next to thank them for their efforts!!


Secondly, to the residents of Kirkland… it was with your efforts on water conversation, sump pump allocation and understanding of the weather conditions that helped us through this endeavor. Many residents stepped up and assisted by ensuring sump pumps were moved to the Storm Water drains rather than the Sewer system, ultimately helping Public Works maintain the levels at the Sewer Plant. These actions were greatly appreciated by Public Works and efforts that we hope will continue moving forward! The overwhelming amount of rain we received in such a short time frame created issues for many of us, but everyone’s efforts, understanding and patience is greatly appreciated as we dealt with it.

So to both groups… we at the Village of Kirkland THANK YOU!

– Ryan

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