Village of Kirkland Happenings – Week of Nov. 16, 2020

A couple of notes on happenings within Kirkland:

As you may have noticed, we have activity occurring at both the east side and west side of Route 72 within Village limits.

On the east side, we have recently annexed in the Fruit Estate, which was also subdivided with Dibble Enterprises during the annexation.  This process was approved via Public Hearings held by the Kirkland Planning & Zoning Commission as well as the Village Board of Trustees.  Dibble Enterprises is now working to develop the site for a Propane Distribution hub to service their customers in Boone, Ogle and DeKalb County.  We welcome Dibble Enterprises to the Village of Kirkland and look forward to their future endeavors!

On the west side, the Village of Kirkland has acquired three parcels northeast of Dr. Runne and Dollar General.  These parcels will serve as the future home for the Village of Kirkland Street Department.  The Village has been in violation for several years with storage of materials within a FEMA Regulatory Floodway.  Both FEMA and IDNR have sent several letters in the past few years requesting the movement of these materials, such as salt storage, sand and gravel, black dirt piles, etc.  The Village was able to negotiate a fair, market-based price for the acquisition of these parcels.  Kirkland Public Works has begun to develop the land in order to move all materials from the Kirkland Wastewater Treatment Plant to our new location.  All material movement should be completed by mid-2021 and the Village of Kirkland will be in compliance with both FEMA and IDNR Rules and Regulations.

Lastly, as many residents may have heard, the State of Illinois is placing all regions in Tier 3 Mitigations beginning Friday, November 20th.  Any questions or details being sought by residents can be found by visiting the DeKalb County Health Departments website at  Residents can also sign up for a weekly newsletter on COVID-19 via DeKalb County’s website.

Thanks and I wish everyone a safe, memorable Thanksgiving holiday next week!!