Village of Kirkland Winter Weather Reminders

Attention Residents:

As many of you are aware, DeKalb County is under a Winter Storm Warning beginning this afternoon and continuing thru Sunday evening.  The forecast is calling for 6+” of snow and sustained winds of 20-25mph with gusts near 35mph.  With that said, there are a couple of reminders we would like to make residents aware of:

The Village of Kirkland Parking Snow Ban goes into effect when we have 2” or more of snow.  The Parking Snow Ban means vehicles must be moved off the streets until all roadways have been completely cleared.  The Parking Snow Ban applies to EVERY Village street from Country Meadows to Kirkwood and Downtown Kirkland to Hickory Ridge.  If vehicles are not moved, they will be ticketed and/or towed for the remainder of the Winter season.  There will be no more verbal warnings or knocking on doors to have vehicles moved as this is inefficient use of both the Kirkland Police Department and Kirkland Public Works.  Continued issues or failure to have vehicles moved could result in the Village adopting a complete Winter Parking Ban from November 1 thru April 1 every year, like other towns in the area.   The intent of the Parking Ban is to allow for our Public Works Department to complete snow removal as quickly and efficient as possible as to minimize taxpayer spending on unnecessary time, including overtime, or multiple passes of the same streets due to obstacles.

Similarly, we have had issues with trash and recycle cans remaining at the curb or on the street for extended periods of time.  Village Ordinance states that garbage cans can be placed at the end of the driveway, curb or street the night prior to collection and must be removed by the evening of collection.  Please ensure that all garbage and recycling cans and containers have been moved back up to your residence in a timely manner.

I appreciate all your efforts in advance for movement of vehicles and garbage/recycling containers.  Every Village Employee and Trustee works extremely hard to maximize your tax dollars for the benefit and growth of the Village.  Small endeavors and cooperation to issues stated above help increase our efficiency across the board, minimize Public Works time spent plowing and away from family and provide overall savings for the Village for other projects and functions.  Again, thanks in advance for your cooperation and should you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me at Please have a safe weekend ahead!!