Welcome to the official website of the Village of Kirkland, Illinois,
a community among friends in northern Illinois.

Hello Kirklanders! Welcome to the Village of Kirkland Website.

mayorlesPlease take a few minutes to look us over! On this website, you will find how to answer many of your own questions about ordinances as you look at the Village Codebook. The website will also show you how to pay your water bill and or any village ordinance violation citations. Also, listed are the phone numbers and e-mail contact numbers for the entire Village Board. It is important that you feel comfortable each time you come to Village Hall! We want your experience with the Village is a pleasant one! Starting with Village Clerk Terri D’Amato, Deputy Clerk, Barb Huerta, Police Chief Paul Lindstrom and his officers,  patrolman Tony Miller, Public works Supt. Paul Naugle, and his crew, Dale Miller and Chris DeMunn and of course myself, we assure you kind, courteous and above all, professional service! If you should ever have questions or comments, please call anytime.

Thank you and have a great day!

Mayor Les Bellah


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