Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce the adoption of a new, fresh Chamber logo!  Thanks to efforts by Joe McClintock, the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce has a refreshed look and feel.


The Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce and Village of Kirkland have developed a Kirkland (Illinois) Business and Organization Directory!

This Business and Organization Directory provides details on various organizations (Village of Kirkland, Hiawatha CUSD #426, Kirkland Lions Club, etc.) as well as local businesses located within the Hiawatha CUSD #426 boundaries.

Please utilize the following download link to access this directory:

Kirkland (Illinois) Business & Organization Directory (2665 downloads )

Kirkland Greater Area Chamber of Commerce
President Ryan Braden [email the Chamber]


Kirkland, Illinois Swag sponsored by Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce our newest addition of Kirkland, Illinois swag.  Items such as hats, water bottles, coffee mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts and more are now available for anyone to order!  Please use the following link to purchase your Kirkland swag today!


The Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce thanks you for your interest in this organization and invites all business owners, local organizations and any other interested person(s) to join. We meet on the 1st Tuesday of every month at Kirkland Village Hall at 9:00 A.M. Click here for a Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce membership form you can print out!

Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce – Mission Statement
The Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce is organized to advance the general welfare and prosperity primarily of the greater Kirkland region, for the benefit of all residents and of the business community. The Chamber will engage in all necessary and possible means of promotion, with particular emphasis on the economic, civic, commercial, industrial, cultural and educational interests of the area. The Greater Kirkland Area shall be understood to be coextensive with the Hiawatha Community Unit School District, including the communities of Kirkland and Fairdale.

Chamber Membership Annual new or renewed memberships in the Greater Kirkland Area Chamber of Commerce run from January 1st thru December 31st each year. Membership for a individuals or family is $25.00, membership for a non-for-profit business or small self-employed business is $75.00 and membership for for-profit business or larger businesses is $150.00. Memberships can be sent to the Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 208, Kirkland, Illinois 60146;  Click here for a membership form you can print off.

Business Sites Available in Kirkland

Several store front business sites are available for rent in Kirkland. For information about these locations, contact the Village Hall 815-522-6179. The Chamber’s goal is to help develop retail businesses in the community to the maximum extent possible for the benefit of the entire village.

If you know of a business building, storefront or other space for rent in the greater Kirkland area, please contact the Chamber President, Ryan Braden, via our email, so it may be listed and the information shared with the Kirkland Economic Development Board.


Kirkland Chamber Board Members:

Ryan Braden – President

Jared Poynter – Vice President
Dawn Darling – Secretary
Kerry Williams – Treasurer


Marvin Bernhardy, Wanda Bernhardy, Tonda Bruch, Carol Stiegman and Ryan Block.