South Street & Prairie Street Parking Ban – 7/27/2022

The Village of Kirkland has started our 2022 Street Project this week. Part of the scope of the work includes tree removal in order to allow for new Stormwater lines, curbing and paving. Tree removal on Wednesday, July 27, 2022, requires ALL vehicles be moved from 7:00 A.M. till 7:00 P.M. from 5th Street to […]

Village of Kirkland Golf Cart Stickers

The 2022-2023 Village of Kirkland Golf Cart Stickers are now available! Please stop by Kirkland Village Hall to pick up yours today! Golf Cart Stickers are $50. If you have added any new Licensed Drivers to your Golf Cart, your form must also be updated prior to them driving the Golf Cart. If you recently […]

Village of Kirkland Contact Details

We hope that everyone is having a safe start to 2022 given these frigid temps! As we start another year, we would like to provide insight on the most effective way to contact Village Hall as needs arise (these are in priority of responsiveness): 1) Phone Call – The quickest way to obtain a response […]


In 2012, the Village of Kirkland passed Ordinance 2012-10, allowing Chickens and Chicken Coops within village limits.  This Municipal Code addressed requirements for Chicken Coops structure and fencing, maximum number of chickens, required square footage per chicken and more.  The Municipal Code also required Chicken Coop owners to obtain a License by meeting certain requirements […]


Due to Cell Phone Carrier FCC requirements, the Village of Kirkland had to change our Text Program number from a 5-digit number (36000) to a regular phone number.  The image below shows the NEW Village of Kirkland number.  Existing members do not need to take any action. If you are interested in joining the Village […]

REMINDER: Secure your Vehicles

Residents:  In the past 24 hours there has been reports of vehicle burglaries.  PLEASE be vigilant in ensuring that your vehicles are secure and locked every evening. Here are a few tips on vehicle and personal belonging security: Lock your doors and roll up the windows – suspects often look for unlocked cars, especially in […]

Kirkland Public Works NO LONGER Accepting Yard Waste

ATTENTION RESIDENTS:   The Village of Kirkland is announcing that beginning Monday, September 2nd, Kirkland Public Works will NO LONGER be able to accept Yard Waste at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.   The Village of Kirkland has been informed that IDNR (Illinois Department of Natural Resources) and IEPA (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency) does not allow […]

Coyote Awareness

Coyotes are a common wild animal in Illinois, but the population has seen a large increase during the past decade.  The Village of Kirkland has seen an increase in coyote sightings, including in town and the Country Meadows and Kirkwood subdivisions. In the wild, coyotes primarily feed on rabbits, rodents, birds, fruit, and insects; thus […]