Kirkland Police Department

511 W. Main St. Box 550
Kirkland, Il. 60146
(815) 522-3315
(815) 522-9989 FAX

Kirkland Police Department emblem

Police Chief – Adam Davenport

Sergeant – Sam Saladino

We like to think of Kirkland, Illinois as ‘A Nice Place To Call Home’. We hope you do too. The best way to keep it that way is for all of us to be invested in the effort. If you have any information to share with the Kirkland Police Department you can always contact any officer with the Kirkland Police Department by calling 815-522-3315.

If you live in the rural Kirkland Area and need to contact the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office you can call 815-895-2155.

The Village Curfew is as follows:
Weekdays: Sunday -Thursday 11:00 pm-6:00 am
Weekends: Friday and Saturday 1200 am-6:00 am

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