REMINDER: Secure your Vehicles

Residents:  In the past 24 hours there has been reports of vehicle burglaries.  PLEASE be vigilant in ensuring that your vehicles are secure and locked every evening.

Here are a few tips on vehicle and personal belonging security:

  • Lock your doors and roll up the windows – suspects often look for unlocked cars, especially in poor weather when there are fewer people out of doors to notice suspicious activity
  • Take your valuables – don’t leave anything of value in the vehicle or in plain sight.  Even a cupholder can attract a thief.  It is important to keep personal documents, checkbooks, and driver’s licenses in your possession at all times.  Don’t leave gift cards in the car.
  • Hide your things – if you can’t carry everything with you, hide them in the trunk or under a seat out of view
  • Park in secure areas – keep your vehicle in the driveway or garage.  Avoid parking on the street, if possible, and choose street parking in well-lit areas or under motion activated lights
  • If you have an alarm, don’t forget to activate it.