In 2012, the Village of Kirkland passed Ordinance 2012-10, allowing Chickens and Chicken Coops within village limits.  This Municipal Code addressed requirements for Chicken Coops structure and fencing, maximum number of chickens, required square footage per chicken and more.  The Municipal Code also required Chicken Coop owners to obtain a License by meeting certain requirements prior to obtaining and housing any chickens.  Three primary requirements in obtaining a license were the following:

The Village has recently been notified of chickens who repeatedly “fly the coop”, chicken coops in possession of a rooster (which is not allowed per Code) and chicken coops that do not meet space requirements per chicken.  The Village also has never fulfilled the License and reporting requirements as specified per Code.

With that said, the Village of Kirkland has compiled a Chicken Coop Packet for current and new owners.  The packet contains all the details relative to Chicken Coops and Chicken ownership, the Public Notice of Intent form and Village of Kirkland Chicken Coop Application for Licensure form.  ALL current Chicken/Chicken Coop owners MUST complete the application form and obtain a license from the Village of Kirkland.  The license will be an annual requirement, as set forth by code, and costs $25.  All current Chicken Coop owners WILL NOT have to pay the $25 Application Fee, only the annual $25 License Fee if completed by June 1, 2021.  Any current or new owner who applies after June 1, 2021 will be subject to both the Application and License Fee. The fees for the License and Applications cover the Village’s expense to process the application, potential inspections of the Chicken Coops per Municipal Code and reporting to required agencies.

The Village of Kirkland Chicken Coop Packet (link below) can be downloaded on the Village’s Website, under Documents, or picked up at Village Hall during normal business hours.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation and understanding in handling this matter!

Village of Kirkland Chicken Coop Packet