Village of Kirkland November Updates

Happy Fall Village of Kirkland Residents!

I wanted to provide a quick update on a couple of topics discussed the past couple of days. First, the Village of Kirkland 2022 Street Project is getting very close to completion! All Stormwater drainage is completed as of last week. Curbs and sidewalks are nearing completion and should wrap up by the end of the week. Paving is tentatively scheduled to start Thursday, November 10th and will take 1 week or so to complete, weather permitting! The current target date for Project Completion is Friday, November 18th. In addition, IDOT is currently replacing all ADA Curbing along Illinois Route 72 and scheduled to begin concrete work late this week. Unfortunately, the paving of Illinois Route 72 from Kirkland to Genoa has been pushed into Spring 2023.

Secondly, we would like to remind all residents that have mailboxes to check their condition and setback from existing curb or roadway. The required setback for mailboxes is 6”-8” from front of curb or edge or roadway. Ensuring mailboxes are structurally sound and at proper setback will minimize any damage from Village plow trucks pushing snow over the winter. Kirkland Public Works is spending time this week identifying mailboxes not meeting the proper setback or in poor condition. Village policy is providing a temporary mailbox for the Winter in the event it is knocked over. In the Spring, the Village will provide funding, dependent on cause of incident and compliance of mailbox, for it to be replaced. Taking an hour or two now to address any issues with existing mailboxes will allow the Village to minimize funds needed for replacement in the Spring and on the purchase of temporary mailboxes!

Thanks and have a great week!!